7 Strategies to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

7 Strategies to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Diseases Treatment in Pune

We all know that our immune system is meant to protect the body from germs, bacteria, and other harmful viruses. But there are situations when the same immune system fails to work and cause several diseases like diabetes, arthritis, lupus, and a lot more. Any research couldn’t find the cause of it yet. However, we have mentioned 7 strategies that help to reverse the autoimmune disease treatments, atleast under control.

 Eat well and stay well:

To most of the health issues, food is one of the concerning problems. A simple change in the regular diet can prevent you from several attacks and put your body on track. For Autoimmune diseases, you need to take anti-inflammatory like omega - 3, berries, leafy vegetables, nuts, herbs. Along with these adding turmeric, ginger, and rosemary to your food in a traditional way can eliminate inflammatory sources. These also work as primary sources in rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Pune.

Infections & allergies:                                                    

It’s common to have food allergies and infections. But if they’re not identified and prevented, it can lead to substantial health problems. So get your allergies and infections checked and take appropriate treatment further.

Celiac Check:

Celiac is a disease where the immune system becomes sensitive to gluten foods like wheat, barley, etc. It starts triggering in the small intestine, and if not identified, it can lead to immune system failure.


Adding supplements like Vitamins, probiotics, anti-inflammatory nutrients to the diet can boost your immune system and helps to reverse the autoimmune diseases.


Exercise is as important as diet for a healthy body. When you eat well and don’t burn up the calories, it’ll eventually become fat. Then fat inside the body causes the immune system lousy, leading to the slow function of the body. But it doesn’t require hardcore exercises like treadmills, cycling, pumping, etc. A simple walk, jog, and a few minute runs would be sufficient. If you don’t have any mind for all these exercises, play with kids or pets around.


It’s understandable that with the work-life imbalance, it’s tough to get enough sleep. Many people these days are suffering from sleep deprivation. But, for a great functional body, it’s essential to have 8 hours of sleep.


Stress, anxiety, depression cases are rising these days. How Much Ever we follow the diet and exercise, it’s essential to keep the body and mind relaxed. Sometimes, yoga, breathing exercises, massage can reduce anxiety and keep the hormones aligned and works best in case of rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Autoimmune disease is a situation when your own immune system is failing to understand the difference between healthy cells of your body and attacks them. These can have a massive effect on the health. But hey, don’t worry. Autoimmune disease treatments in pune are available, and with regular care, you can get rid of them. However, maybe it’s genetic, unhealthy diet, infections, chemical exposure, whatever the reason for their occurrence, let’s prevent instead of worrying about the cure later.