Decoding the Link between Autoimmune disease and Stress

Decoding the Link between Autoimmune disease and Stress

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Our immune system is the most active barrier against every infection and microbe that can adversely affect our body. Recognizing as well as destroying the microbe instantly, before it can increase its number and attack, the immune system consists of white blood cells, antibodies as well as much more parts.

Giving a strong response to the allergens, the immune system often confuses and initiates a strong response against the normal organs of the body. Starting from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part by mistake, the attack does lead to inflammation and damage to the tissues of the body. The attacks are a result of the inability of distinguishing between ‘harmless’ and ‘harmful’ of the body’s immune system. The autoimmune disease generally damages many organs as well as target a single organ as well as tissue.

Many factors contribute to the rise of autoimmune diseases, under which the intense stress, as well as trauma, have a huge role. Due to stress, about 41 autoimmune diseases develop that include rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease as well as many more. Sadly, not only does stress cause illness, but the disease itself also causes patients considerable stress, creating a cycle of viciousness. Stress can also aggravate or cause pain on its own. We recognize that the centers of emotion and physical pain in the brain are very close to each other and both regions are activated through stress at the same time, resulting in a process of reciprocal regulation that leads to chronic pain.

Stress is characterized as pressure, strain or application of tension on our body. Regardless of its simple definition, it has so much power that it can trigger autoimmune disorder and heart attack. People who have experienced severe stress may be more likely to smoke and have been associated with increased risk of certain autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Any type of stress lead to different functioning of the immune system and the odd behavior of the immune system leads to the rise of attacks on normal organs as well as tissues. There is less effect of the diverse autoimmune diseases  treatment, as there is no autoimmune disease cure, however they aid in reducing the pain of the disease. 

With age, a human body becomes less able to respond well to stress, as certain regions of the brain are no longer able to respond promptly to stress signals. Because of this, their body becomes more prone to autoimmune disorders affecting their lifestyle as well as working habits. Under the autoimmune disease treatment in pune, sleep is an important factor to curb the pain from the disorder. Even though various autoimmune disease cure therapies are available, people can focus on engaging in less mental strain and stress activities and can minimize the risks.


Brain and autoimmune disorders are linked together making the pain to distract a person from mental tasks. It can interfere with the amount or quality of sleep that they get, contributing to tiredness. People with a healthy lifestyle are less prone to inflammation as well as autoimmune responses from the body.