How to Stop Attacking Yourself 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

How to Stop Attacking Yourself 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

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Autoimmune doctors in Pune are fighting a war against autoimmunity day in and day out. It is a condition where the immune system does not differentiate between the good and bad cells. The immune cells attack good cells along with bad cells and reduce tissue functions thus causing immune deficiency exposing the person easily to infections. As per Autoimmune doctors in Pune, there are millions of people globally fighting autoimmune diseases and there is yet to find a complete cure for autoimmune diseases treatment.

There is a rise in autoimmune diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis, Type-1 diabetes, Rheumatic arthritis, celiac disease, psoriasis, and others. Doctors are embracinga systematic and strategic approach with an effective autoimmune disease treatment.In this fast-paced world, our bodies go through extreme pressures to perform all day long. As per autoimmune specialist in Pune, it is important to pay attention to the signs given out by the body. It can turn to be life-threatening. Changes in lifestyle can help in reversing the conditions.

Here are 9 steps to get your on the journey to prevent and heal autoimmune disease.

Take care of the gut: A healthy gut is a healthy you. With changes in food intake, one can keep the gut lining healthy and reach immune tolerance. Consult your autoimmunity doctor in Pune before you make any changes to your food.

Get yourself tested: Find an autoimmune specialist in Pune and get checked for any hidden infections. Get tested for celiac disease and metal toxins in the body.

Exercise regularly: Exercise is a natural immune booster and helps in fighting infections faster.

Bust the stress: Stress increases autoimmune conditions. Indulge in meditation, yoga, breathing exercises along with physical exercises help in fighting autoimmune diseases.

Adequate food intake:  Autoimmune specialist doctors in Punemight suggest foods rich in Vitamin C, D, and probiotic drinks to calm the immune system.  Food rich in magnesium and vitamin B helps in healing certain autoimmune conditions. Low flame cooking preserves food nutrients and builds strength and immune system.

Increase Vitamin D levels: All immune cells can receive vitamin D and respond and balance the immunity factors in the body. Studies have revealed that vitamin D deficiency can result in autoimmune conditions. Treating vitamin D deficiency can help in autoimmune disease treatment.

Increase Glutathione: It is a natural anti-oxidant. Every cell produces it naturally. It protects and guards our DNA and helps in achieving immune tolerance in the body.

Keep a check on sugar levels: Increased blood sugar levels can play havoc to the immune system. Keeping a regular watch and stabilizing sugar levels help in better immunity.

Functional treatments: Talk to your autoimmune doctor in Pune for other functional treatments.

There are many strategies and remedies for autoimmune disease treatments. Consult an autoimmune specialist before starting another mode of treatments or changing your medication. This would surely make your life and lifestyle better and healthier than ever before.