The hype up Vitamin D toxicity

The hype up Vitamin D toxicity

Vitamin D toxicity

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins that are important for good health. In order to meet the required levels of vitamin D in the body, many people are taking Vitamin D supplements and this practice has become common. However, rarely vitamin D builds up in a body and reaches a point where it becomes toxic to the human body. Through this blog, we are going to look into what is Vitamin D toxicity?

What is Vitamin D Toxicity?

Also, known as hypervitaminosis D, vitamin D toxicity is a rare, but potentially major condition that occurs when there is an excessive amount of vitamin D in a human body. The usual cause of the toxicity is megadoses or excessive doses of vitamin D supplements. It can be caused by either adding excessive supplements or exposure to sun, while the chances for the latter are very slim.

Most of the vitamin D is stored internally (inside the body). When it comes to vitamin D receptors or carrier proteins, little of them are free. Considering this, as the intake of vitamin D increases, the level up has no room left on the receptors or carrier proteins that results into building up of vitamin D. There are two different sides of the coin. Some say that the exact mechanism behind the build-up of this vitamin is still unclear. While others conclude that there is an active form of vitamin D that functions similar to steroid drug which travels inside cells and commands them to either turn on or off the genes.

How much is too much Vitamin D?

So, how what is level of Vitamin D one should intake. Though there is relatively very little knowledge about how vitamin D toxicity works, it might be hard to define the exact threshold for safe vitamin D intake or the excessive amount of vitamin D. As per studies conducted by the Institute of Medicine, US,  4000 IU is the safe upper level of daily vitamin D intake. However, the point to be noted here is dosses up to 10,000 IU has not shown to cause toxicity in healthy individuals yet.

So, when toxicity is caused by the excessive dosage of vitamin D, the daily intake of Vitamin ranges from 40,000- 100,000.  Clearly, this level is 10-25 times the recommended upper limit that too in repeated doses.

What happens when there is too much Vitamin D in the body?

Hypercalcemia – it stands as one of the significant and visible consequences of vitamin D toxicity. It is a condition where the level of calcium is more in blood. It can subsequently cause frequent urination leading to dehydration,vomiting or even poor appetite,constipation or diarrhoea, weakness, nausea, stomach pain, etc. In worst-case scenarios, one can also deal with the formation of calcium stones and pain in bones. Few cases have been registered where toxicity led to the loss of bones.  Vitamin D Therapy.

While vitamin D is essential for the human body, make it a note to take it, keeping in mind the required level and stay healthy.