What is the difference between psoriasis and eczema?

What is the difference between psoriasis and eczema?

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If we look at the Psoriasis we can identify them as a thick patch of scales. This is a chronic disease that is quite painful sometimes which happens due to the rapid production of skin cells than normal conditions. The dead skin cells forms the white patch of scales. The person affected by Psoriasis has a serious itching problem as the area highly becomes inflamed and reddish in color. You can see some of the best psoriasis doctors to cure your problem.


The Eczema is also commonly known as the “Atopic Dermatitis”. This takes a longer time to cure and affects the skin badly. This skin problem occurs in people having hypersensitive skin and when it comes in contact with chemical products or products that don’t suit the skin then the Eczema disease triggers badly. This is a very common disease happening to infants. The skin looks highly inflamed and reddish. Other symptoms are cracks and peeling, blister or pus-filled on the affected area. 

Let us look into some difference between psoriasis and eczema:


If you are having Psoriasis then your skin might be itchy and you might feel that your skin is bitten by a fire ant. You might have a sting or burn sensation on your skin.

If you’re having Eczema then you might feel an intense itchy feeling. The itching can be quite bad at some time. You might scratch your skin enough that it might start bleeding. Are you facing a severe itching problem? Then try to consult the  psoriasis specialist.


If you’re having Psoriasis then your skin will have red patches along with scaly. If you take a closer look into the affected area then you will see that the skin is quite thick in texture and more inflamed than the Eczema. The Psoriasis mainly affects areas like knee, elbow, and skin folds, lower backside, scalp, and face.

The Eczema makes your skin red in color and less inflame than Psoriasis. The affected area looks crusty and oozing. Apart from that, the area might look swelling and dark in color. The areas which are more affected by Eczema are inner elbows, the backside of the elbow, wrist, neck, and ankles. In the case of babies, you get to see these on the chest, legs, arms, and scalp.


In the case of Psoriasis stress and infection is the main cause of this disease. Sometimes scratching the infected area or sunburn and vaccination can trigger the disease to spread and can be painful.

If you are having very sensitive skin then Eczema is the main reason to happen on the skin. You must avoid using chemical soap or stay away from detergent. The people who are affected by Eczema are allergic to dust, pollen, pets, dandruff and some kind of food. The skin can also be highly infected due to a humid atmosphere and hormonal imbalance in your body.


If you’re having serious skin problems and stubborn itchy feeling then you can consult the psoriasis treatment in pune with best doctor and know the reason. In both cases, the disease is visible in an area like the feet, neck, knees, elbows, and hands. Both diseases must be taken seriously and treatment should start immediately.