Autoimmune Diseases

Natural, Scientific Therapy for Autoimmunity

Autoimmune diseases are on a steep rise at a very fast pace. Being stubborn by nature, they have an adverse impact on the quality of life through disability, pain and side effects of conventional medicines. Patients are rid with constant fear of a worsened condition or fresh repeat attacks.

Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), Psoriasis, Lupus (SLE) and many more, result from an aberrant activation of the immune system, whereby the misguided immune response is directed against the self. This results in inflammation, tissue damage, and loss of function of the affected organs or joints.  

Over the last three decades, it has become clear that the role of vitamin D goes beyond the regulation of calcium homeostasis and bone health. An important extraskeletal effect of vitamin D is the modulation of the immune system. Activated vitamin D in association with vital minerals like magnesium, selenium, zinc...has been found to work within the immune cells to control the process of autoimmunity. It also helps to suppress the genes for autoimmune diseases.

Most of the therapies available help to control the manifestations but not the root cause. One finally reaches a point of feeling literally stuck and helpless for various reasons. Till the cause is not corrected, the disease can manifest anytime.  Thus replenishing vitamin D along with the deficient vital minerals  becomes mandatory to help  correct the root cause of autoimmunity and give lasting solutions. I call this – NATURAL SCIENTIFIC THERAPY  !

Treating autoimmune diseases with vitamin D, Magnesium and other nutritional supplements

Its not casual supplementation
  • Vitamin D and vital minerals as nutraceuticals have to be taken seriously and therapy has to be personalised and monitored.
  • Buying any supplement in any combination and taking them casually will not help.
  • Quality matters, formulations matter.
Its not a one size fit for all protocol
  • For the same disease condition, based on individual response, the doses have to be adjusted and fine tuned.
  • As the immune system of patients with autoimmune diseases is working haywire, they can respond negatively to almost anything including supplements. Then the supplement will have to be changed if it does not agree with an individual.
  • All supplements may not be started simultaneously. They can be introduced one at a time so if any does not agree, they are easy to identify and change.
Patience and connections pay
  • Most patients come frustrated and tired. Please be patient as supplements take time to work. One does see some positive changes within a months’ time.
  • It takes at least 3-6 months to find the right doses – the sweet spot for an individual
  • These supplements can be taken along with the conventional therapies going on, as the target of therapy is different, cellular and deeper. Eventually, the need for pain killers, steroids, immune suppressants becomes less and they can be tapered off under supervision.
Your responsibilities to steer your own health
  • To maintain touch with me as advised to be able to fine tune and help better.
  • A two monthly check of PTH and ionised calcium levels to assess the therapy and dietary compliances. This helps is improving and enhancing the benefits too.
  • Being positive and calm as you will learn to steer your own health
To get something different, we have to do something different
  • Here, it is scientific, safe and global so come out of your limitations
  • It does work but how much for a person, is based on the duration of symptoms and the mindset of an individual. An open-minded approach shows better results.
Clarity is a must
  • Feel free to connect for any queries as all steps taken have a valid reason and I will be happy to answer all your whys and hows.
  • Please ask for scientific papers to share with anyone who is interested.