Detox to find a healthier you

Over time, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our eating habits, our lifestyle, our sleeping habits and even our posture all lead to a toxin build-up in our internal organs. Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic along with chemical fertilizers are hampering normal cellular functioning. Detoxification is becoming the need of the time with modernization & industrialization. It is an important adjunct to all therapies for better results.

The road to health begins with gut & liver health, no matter what the disease or problem. Our liver is one of the most ignored organs despite the major role it plays in metabolism, digestion and detoxification. Over time, the liver gets congested with sludge made of stagnant bile and fat residues – partially blocking and ‘backing up' leading to a multitude of symptoms as the liver gets fatty & sluggish in its functions.. The sludgy stagnated bile can slowly thicken into small ‘grease balls’ – the stage before formation of frank stones!


This detox cleanses the liver and gall bladde by pulling out the ‘sludge’ and allowing it to pass out from the body through the cleansed intestines. This debris removal decongests the liver, the bile ducts, the colon and the gall bladder. This is done through a ‘supervised’ home program that is fine tuned for individuals based on their health needs and investigation reports.

Results: It is one of the few cleanses that shows physical results in the form of visible debris that is expelled out. You will have better digestion, feel lighter and more energetic, see an improvement in your skin's texture, and experience emotional stability and a clearer mind.  

The active method – Param Yoga centres have a very specialised team to share deep core yoga and breathing practices that cleanse through lymphatic detoxification. You can enroll into a batch of your choice and need or opt for one on  one sessions especially if you have physical issues like joint and back pains. www.paramyoga.in

The lazy method - This is done through heliotherapy with Far Infrared Sauna. It is a safe and effective way to detoxify xeno-estrogens (women and men), toxic acidic residues, etc. It improves metabolism and alleviates pain. This is a very relaxing experience as one sweats and detoxifies.  

Cellular detoxification can be initiated and achieved by activating certain natural enzymes within the cells.  Food is the biggest stimulus that keeps the cells working almost all the time.

Till the cells get some rest from their routine functions, the detoxification enzymes don’t get activated.

Humans have actually been fasting throughout evolution. Hunger pangs are the welcome  signal of detoxification. If anything, fasting from time to time is more “natural” than constantly eating 3-4 (or more) meals per day. Cellular detoxification is possible with the technique of Intermittent Fasting – the way ancient man ate 2 meals a day within a span of 6-8 hours.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a term for an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Its about when you should eat rather than only what you must eat. In this respect, it is not a “diet” in the conventional sense. It is more accurately described as an “eating pattern.”

We offer different methods of intermittent fasting to suit an individual.

Restore homeostasis, balance metabolism, and prepare the body to heal and stay healed