Dr. Renu Mahtani offers a wide variety of workshops

These can be designed to suit your organisation's specific needs

Dr. Renu Mahtani's Pranayam workshops quickly touches upon simple theory to create background and emphasise the importance of breath.
The workshop then moves on to practical learning, and includes:

  • Breath correction
  • Deep abdominal breathing
  • Becoming a 24*7 deep and correct breather with comfort
  • Anytime, anywhere breathing techniques 
  • Understanding Pranayam
  • Safe breath-holding techniques
  • Bonus benefits
    • Massage and tone the internal organs
    • Increased energy levels 
    • Better immunity 
    • Balanced hormones

Breathing as a metabolic tool to lose weight!

While amplifying the importance on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, the workshop will also engage the audience with the role that breaths can play in losing weight. That is true, when corrected, breathing can increase metabolism and creates potential to lose fat:

  • You might have known that you take about 15,000 to 20,000 breaths a day. But, did you know just by breathing better, you can burn off more calories than rigorous exercise?
  • Simple deep breathing exercises can burn off 140% more calories than riding a stationary bike.
  • Deep breathing for just 30 minutes a day, could burn off 350 calories.

This workshop focuses on correct postural alignment and office yoga practices to keep back, neck and knee pain at bay.

Lives in offices are filled with protruding necks and heads, rounded shoulders, upper back slouches, bulging bellies, arched lower backs, waddling feet - basically, collapsed bodies hunched over tables. Not only do we look like wounded soldiers of life but many of us are in pain too. Is this what your office looks like too?

You try ‘ergonomic chairs’. But they rarely help, if at all. Not just on the chair, our bodies are misused even when we stand, walk, lift, drive, exercise and so on. Exercise cannot always alleviate pain. Because posture is not a an-hour-a-day, three-days-a-week affair. It needs to be correct all waking hours. Lack of posture awareness in daily activities washes away the effects of proper exercising too! 

Posture is not only an erect spine and back. Posture involves correct alignment of feet, knees, hips, shoulders, chest and rib cage, shoulders, neck and head. Therefore, the posture workshop will cover:

  • Brief understanding of alignments
  • Correct posture from toes to head
  • Correct posture in various day-to-day activities such as walking, lifting, driving, etc
  • Exercises that can be done in office to
    • Increase flexibility 
    • Strengthen postural muscles
    • Stretch overused and shortened  muscles 
    • Strengthen underused and weak muscles 

This workshop will benefit one and all, irrespective of age and gender. Let's assign high priority to postural alignment to stay active and prevent disabling pain.

This 2-days workshop introduces participants to various modalities to deal with acute and chronic skin issues. This covers a range of therapies from nutrients to understanding digestive health, yoga, breathing and lifestyle changes as follows:

  • Nurturing the skin: eating, drinking and bathing habits
  • Skin applications such as lotions and creams
  • Changes to diet and managing digestive health
  • Information on liver flush therapy
  • Breathing techniques: pranayama and shuddhi kriyas
  • Sound meditation: nadanusandhana
  • Salt water flush: laghu shankhaprakshala
  • Information on vitamin therapy
  • Managing emotional health and its impact on skin
  • Special pranayam to balance the immune system
  • Walking pranayam and meditation

Often health is treated as a commodity - something that we can buy, by visiting a reputed doctor maybe, or having innumerable tests done. We may derive some temporary benefits, but this is not enough for lasting benefits. The truth is, if we want good health, we must deserve it - we have to take care of ourselves.

Despite enhanced material standards of living, the real standard of living in terms of peace and happiness is illusive. 80% of modern day ailments are stress borne – the genesis of these diseases is said to begin in the mind. This begins with unwholesome food, eating and working at unreasonable hours, and so on.

The key is participating actively in our health and its betterment – a process called Active Healing. This "Taking on Stress" workshop includes:

  • Right diet and eating habits
  • Right exercise
  • Right postural habits
  • Right breathing
  • Right attitude

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