Breath Therapy

Discover the healing potential of your breath

We could survive for days without food or water, but not a moment without breathing. Our breath is pivotal to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is this breath that connects all these layers of our being because it is the bridge between our body and our mind. Correct breathing influences our nervous system that leads to a stable and balanced mind. A stable and balanced mind leads to a healthy body. 

In fact, breathing is the most accessible source of creating and sustaining our vital energy. And yet, most of us take our breath for granted. We breathe without awareness. It might be a revelation that almost all of us breath not only ineffectively and inefficiently, but also incorrectly

Over the past few decades, pranayama has gained popularity and it is heartening that many of us practice pranayama regularly and diligently. Unfortunately, many of us unknowingly practice pranayama incorrectly. We also need to know some simple ways of using our breath to relax and heal the mind.

Dr. Mahtani aims to take away the mysticism around pranayama and make it accessible to one and all. Therefore, at Param Health Clinic and Param Yoga, pranayama is taught in an interesting and practical way. Patients and students understand the ‘why and how’ of each practice that helps them engage better. Gradually, the meditative aspects of Pranayama are introduced too.

Pranayam is also a very powerful therapeutic tool. However, when done mechanically, it does not have the desired results. Moreover, our program of therapeutic breathing is much more than the breathing exercises popular as Pranayam. Therapeutic breathing involves:

  • Identifying and correcting our faulty breathing patterns
  • Practicing pranayama with safety
  • Logical understanding of various aspects of breathing, such as
    • why one nostril is usually more open than the other 
    • what are the implications of the above on our mindset and diseases
    • how breathing exercises can offer peace of mind
    • how the vibrations from chanting soothe the mind and heal the body
    • how pranayama creates the interface to connect with the mind
    • how our mind can be programmed towards self-empowerment, health and happiness
  • Learning special breathing protocols for:
    • anxiety
    • chronic pain
    • depression
    • learning disorders in children
    • weak immunity
    • strengthening the heart
    • balancing the hormone

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