Project Dmagic

Dmagic project has been formed after finding out the majority of lower socio-economic strata people to be Vitamin D deficient. My idea with Dmagic is to spread its awareness and give Vitamin D supplements to these people to increase their immunity and energy. You can participate to Help your helpers.

Lets make world a better place with Healthy Joints and Strong Immunity.

Mother Teresa Home at Wakad Pune - Vitamin D distribution

Visit Shindethakar Vasti and Varale

Recently visited Shindethakar Vasti and Varale. This was with the guidance of DST, Pune under Mrs. H Bedi. After checking the Vitamin D levels amongst 20 farming tribal women it was found that they were surprisingly low in this vital nutrient.. Distributed Vitamin D to all 120 women. 

Our helpers at home and work are also low in vitamin d as checked amongst 50 of them in pune. They too are being given vitamin D under my project called DMagic. You can help your helpers too..

Connect on 9923510202 if you want to send your helper for our next Dmagic event on 30th January at my centre in Pune.

Given Vitamin D for 3 months to 80 women

80 women who are our househelpers checked for Vitamin D levels and 100 percent found to be significantly deficient. All were given Vitamind D for 3 months. They will be followed up and given supplements for 1 year from project Dmagic. By then they will see the benefits and will continue on maintenance doses. 
I plan to spread this project to more people from the lower socio-economic strata.