Psoriasis Can Be Cured

My journey through Psoriasis...

Unfortunately and fortunately, I have suffered from psoriasis twice. This became a drive for me to find curative solutions rather than palliative ones. Psoriasis is a stubborn autoimmune problem whose roots lie deeper than the skin. The immune system is mis-directed and erroneously attacking one’s own skin. The root cause is deep and deeper solutions have to be explored.

The search led me to the importance of mindful breathing techniques for cellular heath. While my psoriasis subsided for a good 10 years, it came back with a vengeance along with another autoimmune disease, Lichen Planus Pigmentosa. My face turned really dark overnight and it was a big jolt to me. The available treatments did not bring any significant relief. The search re-began and I had to find an answer to, “How could I suffer despite a reasonably healthy lifestyle?”

I became a student again and did a fellowship from the US in metabolic and nutritional medicine.  I realized that a healthy lifestyle works better if the nutritional deficiencies in our cells are corrected. The past 30 years of technology and progress have been very detrimental to health. We look healthy but our cells are starving from lack of vital micronutrients. The hardware has to be made good for any software to work well. Then I was the lucky one to be invited by Prof. Dr. Cicero Coimbra for a hands-on training in Vitamin D Therapy to treat autoimmune diseases. Dr. Coimbra is a neurologist from Brazil who has been internationally treating autoimmune diseases with vitamin D for over 20 years.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone regulating very many cellular processes including immune-modulation. Thousands of scientific, peer-reviewed studies show the relationship between autoimmune diseases and vitamin D deficiency, as well as the benefits of vitamin D supplementation for such conditions. Vitamin D plays a powerful regulatory role by balancing immune responses in the body without side effects.  For its proper activation and functioning, vitamin D needs specific pharma-grade nutraceuticals like  magnesium, selenium, B2, omega 3 FA too.

The fact of the matter is true medicine evolves with time. This therapy is scientific, safe and natural as nutraceuticals are used to improve specific cellular functions. It is a personalised therapy which needs monitoring and individual fine tuning. It will be my privilege to help the very many psoriatic patients world-wide who are suffering and have given up all hopes. Friends there is hope - Psoriasis can be cured.

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Psoriasis cured; happy patients

Cure for Psoriasis
Cure for Psoriasis
Cure for Psoriasis
Cure for Psoriasis