How about vitamin D for outdoor/sports savvy people?

How about vitamin D for outdoor/sports savvy people?

Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D. But playing tennis or golf once or twice a week is not enough. Even 15 minutes per day of outdoor presence is not really enough to take care of our vitamin D requirements. Especially when we have a low baseline level and malfunctioning organs that cannot really activate the vitamin D inside the cells.

Some of us may have read or heard about studies that did not find benefits of vitamin D. If one looks at such studies carefully, one finds that the doses used in the study were just 400–600 IU per day, a dose to prevent rickets in children and that is all!

Where do people get their medical information these days? Usually from newspapers, TV, the internet and magazines. Most of these articles are based on previously published articles with information that is obsolete for today. Thus, inaccurate information gets recycled.

So let us move ahead and acknowledge that vitamin D is our life health support system. There is no aspect of health and wellness that is not affecetd by its deficiency.